Friday, January 11, 2008

Ferrari F2008 - Close and Personal

Ok, I'm not a real fan of Ferrari ( I actually prefer McLaren) but the guys in Italy have come up with this beautiful website Newsletter which everybody who loves F1 should see. My wife will surely drool over Kimi's IceBlue eyes closed view and the roar of that F2008 sent shivers down our spines . Don't miss it for the world...Enjoy

Dear friends

Is there a better way to start the New Year than with he presentation
of the new Ferrari single-seater, built to race in the upcoming
Formula 1 World Championship? And if the new website, dedicated to the F2008, comes up to your expectations, I would say there really is none...

To strengthen your conviction we created this newsletter for you with
the video of the first shakedown at the Fiorano circuit with Kimi
Raikkonen behind the wheel and brand-new screensavers and wallpapers
of the F2008, completing the Ferrari surprises we want to dedicate to you.
Last but not least let me beg your pardon; to all of the users who
experienced problems with the website over the last few days, which
were caused by the “static” version of the Ferrariworld, which should guarantee the best technical performance possible as far as the contents referring to the new single-seater are concerned. Furthermore the problems were also caused by the fact that you came in numbers to visit the new site, so we were forced to give the preference to the new contents to avoid that the users would have been denied access to our institutional site.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and good wishes for a 2008
with many Pole Positions!

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