Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Monaco Trip

I have not been around much to update this site. That is because I have been back in France since end of October. Then the Yuletide season came. Well, we all know what happens during such times. I had made a promise to my missus even before marriage that I will take her to Monte Carlo… and to Monte Carlo did I take her to, this time around. And it was FABULUOUS. I am not sharing the details of my evenings spent with my missus but do read on...

You probably heard of how the filthy rich live there with their fancy designer homes on the hills and their pedigreed poodles and hot cars….It’s all TRUE!! Never in my life…(and I traveled quite a bit) have I seen so many freaking Ferraris, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, BMWs, Mercedes, Maseratis, Porsches and not forgetting the Lamborghinis in a matter of an hour on the road. Nope...not in a day or in a week but in an hour flat! For car lovers out there… do make a pilgrimage there once in your life… You will truly be enlightened! There were so many of them, I lost count! So did the missus!

I could not resist from driving repeatedly through the F1 street circuit route… pictures in my head on how it’d be like cruising more than 300kmph in a million dollar sweet-monstrous-sounding engine with the likes of Kimi and Lewis chasing after me. That is until the missus gave me ‘the stare” that I could get myself in trouble and ruin her romantic getaway did I get back to reality. And then comes the tunnel…oh the memorable tunnel. The very tunnel that can change the luck of any of those drivers to obtain crucial points. It was probably the most gratifying moment for me. For the love of this sport, the respect of the technology put into it and the beauty of unpredictable pure entertainment. My love deepens for the Formula 1 motor sport. Here’s to you! And here’s to my enduring sweet missus!

Pics from top left : my wallpaper, Ferrari road show, Renault team dock, A1 Sepang, An evening in Monaco, A statue of Juan Manuel Fangio, the many nice cars like Bentley coupe, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, The TUNNEL.

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