Friday, January 25, 2008

Singapore GP & Ferrari/Shell Roadshow @ Clarke Quay

Last night roadshow @ Clarke Quay was the first event organised by Singapore GP in Town, the previous one being held at Changi Airport for the past few days.
It was a night of fun and discovery for many people, old and young alike. The turnout was quite decent and many tourist and locals were seen snapping away at the 2004 Ferrari car on display. ( I was told this is the exact replica that Michael Schumacher drove and won his 2004 Title.)
Max was the MC for the night and he drove the contestant through the different challenges at play.
A quizz started the games, which was won by Shai and myself, against a Familly visiting from Perth, and the refuelling challenge was won by Capt. Raj and his friend Vinod.
It definetly was an interesting evening manned by Zerlina and Kevin. I'm looking forward to more of such roadshows in the future and will keep you updated of any coming events.

View more pictures from the evening here.

I will post short videos later.


vinod said...


Thanks for the mention and snaps. So what are you up to these days ??

Bruno said...

No problem, It was a cool evening ! I hope you enjoyed the Champagne ! As for me I work in the food industry, so this Chinese New Year is very busy for my company and at the same time I prepare myself for my wholesale F1 Merchandise import business. If you know or hear anyone interested in this kind of products do let me know! I intend to bring in quite a lot of products soon. Take care.
See you'round.