Friday, February 15, 2008

Singapore F1 Circuit - Ticket prices -

Singapore F1 Tickets

I AM PISSED! PISSED OFF to the very soul of me… How could these organizers sleep at night? Call me sentimental… but I have the interest of the common people at heart. I understand that only a quarter of the tickets are being released… nevertheless I wonder if they thought of this upcoming event as a one time affair or do they not know it is projected to be a yearly event .

The Tickets prices – and please do not compare it with the European Grand Prix counterpart or any other countries (due to the varied foreign exchange currency and living standard)– is RIDICULOUS! YES! You heard me SINGAPORE GP organizers – it is RIDICULOUS! Each and every part of the circuit is considered or designated as a “GRANDSTAND” in order for them to charge us, THE FANS, exorbitant amounts. Frankly speaking, I do not understand why a sport that is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family is so costly? Why don’t the organizers see this? It is baffling. . I mean come on; there aren’t many big sporting events to go to in Singapore, so taking our families out for such a grand experience as this – is a much deserved break for the common, working people!

YES… the tickets will be grabbed no matter how much it’d cost because of devoted FANS locally and overseas. The government itself is promoting a sports culture in Singapore so shouldn’t the organizers be mindful and … I don’t know errr …practical, sensible or maybe realistic in their pricing? But isn’t it wiser if such events are promoted to the heart Landers in a more affordable way (other than seeing ministers “racing” in go-karts and cut ribbons in residential estates) seeing that everything gets costlier and costlier day by day. Do not get me wrong – I love seeing ministers hanging out with residents – it’s something different but it is time to take motor sports in heartlands to the next level... seriously.... By all means Residents’ Committee centers could organize this F1 event to them and they can come in buses thus cutting heavy traffic to the event venue. It’s UNIQUE, isn’t it? MR ONG BENG SENG – you should be hiring me! I don’t have balls but I have much needed brain for any issues. I won’t charge you excessively. But if you must know my price is a race with Kimi Raikkonnen.

This also applies to any other sports for example the English Premier FOOTBALL. It used to be on one of many National Television Channels – only the great clubs though due to high viewer ships- but now we have to go through cable sports channel. FINE. But even after applying for cable sports channel – we now could not even watch WORLD CUP with them!!!! We now have to apply for “special- channels-made-especially-for-WorldCup” at a yet another “FRACTION” of the cost. If it’s just a bloody fraction – you extremely rich cable people - why are you charging US??? Excuse my French. I still hate the Italians for “accidentally” winning the Cup… yes! Vive les Blues! This is The Missus two cents worth of thoughts. If you do not like them – I’ve two words - BITE me! Providing you are Kimi that is.

P.S - Thank you for the little dinner and b’day cake yesterday! Love ya, baby!

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