Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lewis Hamilton "His-Story" - Is it Self Indulgence?

Before you start to assume that I dislike the fella ... I don't. The fact that my husband is a fan - and has been talking of the fella even before his F1 debut - got me fascinated with the character. In fact now, I truly respect and admire this young English lad greatly in terms of his achievements at such a young age. A Mclaren F1 Prodigy, he knows how to work the media machine and in his very busy schedule, he finds the time to produce a biography.

But then again, I also know he is much too young to come out with a book on err "His Story" - no pun intended. Is it self indulgent? As far as I am concerned, his F1 life has just begun and while it looks very, very promising, the future of where and how he would end up is still unclear. Yes, he was cultivated to work hard to become some sort of genius in the motor racing sports. Yes, he could be the F1 world champion sooner or later. Yes, he could live life to its grandest. My point is personally I think 22 is much too young of an age to come out with such a book with such a title. Simply because his life personally and professionally is inconclusive.

To have Lewis' book up in stores besides the likes of legendary Aryton Senna (I-bow-to-you-cause-you-are-my-all-time-favourite-driver) and nemesis Alain Prost, Messieurs Juan Manuel Fangio , Gilles Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Didier Pironi is imbalanced even premature.

Formula One aficionados will be those that are most likely to be interested to hear Lewis' perspective on the controversial 2007 season especially on his very public squabble with teammate Fernando. The book highlights his entire childhood, both on and off the track, his ex girlfriend - Didn't your mama taught you never to kiss and tell ?- and his entire F1 career (all one year of it anyway) in a thick tome. So I can't help but feel it's a little too self indulgent for a 22 year old, even if his debut season was very eventful. It sure sounds that way at times. Not a terrible read for fans of the sport and the driver, although the writing is nothing to shout about and Lewis tends to get a little defensive once in a rare moment. Well I guess it's his book so he can say whatever he wants in whatever tone he likes. However, I still think a biography at his age is way too early.
Bonne Journee, the MISSUS.

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