Monday, March 31, 2008

Mika Hakkinen & McLaren F1 car / Johnny Walker --> Join the Pact

Another great afternoon of Formula1 Action took place at the Padang yesterday ! Team Vodaphone McLaren together with 2 times World Champion Mika Hakkinen burnt some F1 rubber on Singapore streets for over 2 hrs.

Mika went out 4 times on the Padang exciting the Fans with some fast paced straight drive through, high speed U-turns, and the ever so popular "doughnuts" .

He also demonstrated the reliable "Safety Car" featured in all races, on some short distance high-speed acceleration & braking.

Singapore percussion Band "Wicked Aura" performed a couple of their tunes to a delighted crowd and the Singapore Police Marching Band played one of their recital.

Mika Hakkinen seemed very relaxed as he drove in the Heat of the afternoon with his Johnny Walker Suit, waving to the crowd on his last drive through.

I managed to get some graet close up shots of the "Flying Finn" and his cars as well as some cool videos which I will post as soon as editing is done.


F1Wolf said...

can't wait for the pics, pls send me a shout when you have them ready

kaushal said...

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Bruno said...

Hi Kaushal
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