Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bahrain Grand Prix, my comments....

It seems BMW are on a roll, 2nd in Australia, 2nd & 6th in Malaysia, and now a pole position for Bahrain. If you remember some of the post I wrote before the start of the season, I predicted the rise of GP2 drivers, well so far so good isn't it ? It certainly makes for a very intersting start to the 2008 season where we can clearly see that more than two teams can hold the candle and does make it more Fun for fans all over the world to have more than two teams hogging the limelight.
BMW looks surely the party poppers and if they can maintain their momentum we should be be able to witness some serious "fights" for the top positions.
I am certainly looking forward to the next 3-4 races to see if BMW and Williams have what it takes to compete a whole season at the top and put some dents in Ferrari and Mclaren advantages.
Let's discuss this after this afternoon Grand Prix in Bahrain, where my predictions are as follow :
1/ Hamilton
2/ Kubica
3/ Raikonnen.

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