Friday, May 9, 2008

Danica Patrick Becoming First Woman in Formula 1?

American driver of the Indy Car championships, Danica Partick, could very easily become the first woman in the Formula 1 world.
After her recent victory at the Indy Car championships, Danica, who comes from a Serbian-American mixed marriage, has found herself in the limelight. Considering how things are at the moment, she could be sitting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race-car. Hand to heart, she would only be a test driver for Honda, but we should not forget that many F1 pilots began their careers as test drivers.
The American racer’s wish was met with approval from Honda’s chiefs. That this is not only for promotional purposes is proven by Danica Patrick’s determination not to drive at any sorts of show races. She is interested in real test drives, cooperating with the mechanics and so on.
- Every racer is interested in Formula 1. We would all love to sit in a Formula 1 race car and I am no different. Three years ago I was asked to drive several promotional circles in a F1 race car at the Grand Prix of America, which made me rather angry. I am not interested in those sorts of things, I don’t want to make a show out of it. What I am really interested in is real work on the race car, trying out different tyre options, petrol amounts and things like that – she said for
Honda confirmed the news, although they say they had not had any official talks regarding the schedule.
Will we soon be seeing the first woman race in Formula 1? It is hard to say, but it certainly would be interesting.

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