Saturday, May 3, 2008

Singtel Singapore F1 Grand Prix Simulator.

I have managed to book a slot for this afternoon at the Comcenter to go round a few laps on Singtel Singapore F1 Grand Prix Simulator.
My slot is at 4 pm and I'll post pics and maybe a couple of videos on the event ( If I don't crash too often that is...)
Come back later to find out how it'all went.

How it all went ?

I arrived early so I got to practise some laps on the PC simulator first, for about 20mn and so did my wife ( Who doesnt have a driving license by the way)

Then it was time for the real stuff...

don't be disapointed it's gonna pass very fast. You are limited to 2 full laps or 10 mn whichever comes first and no extension allowed...

After it was all over, I had spare time to try on the racing suit and take some pics for souvenirs

Thank you to the staff on duty for their help and good humour.

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