Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alonso Worried by Bad Luck and Lack of Traction

The Spanish Renault driver did a good job in qualifying, but was unable to sustain his form in the race and fell down the running order after losing most of his key car-to-car battles.
Alonso had notable problems pulling away from the hairpin and said afterwards that this weakness is unlikely to be resolved this year with the current car.

He said he believed that this meant he had an opportunity now to use up all of his bad luck so that he could have a clear misfortune-free season in 2009. "I hope we use all the bad luck in the remaining races of the season and next year we don't have any," he said. "I was very lucky in 2005, 2006 and 2007. This year I'm being very unlucky and you can see it every race. I wish that in Hungary I'm unlucky again -- I'm used to it now."

He added: "The problem we have with the traction is worrying for me. When we are fighting wheel to wheel and we try to pass someone, we just lose too much out of the slow corners and then we can't make up the ground on the straight."

Asked what the solution might be, he said: "Wait a year..." But the Spaniard was happy to see his team-mate Brazilian Nelson Piquet make the most of a one-stop strategy and a Safety Car intervention to finish second, on the podium for the first time. My poor FERRRNANDOH!


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