Sunday, July 13, 2008

Singapore completes Pit Building

WE ALL know how fast Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton are racing their slick Formula 1 machines in the day.
But they will be stepping into the unknown at the inaugural 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, which will be the first night race in the history of the sport.
Even so, it appears unlikely that any of the 11 teams on this year’s grid will be test driving the 5km street circuit here before the Sept 28 race.
It is believed Bernie Ecclestone, president and chief executive officer of Formula One Management (FOM), is not in favour of teams testing the circuit beforehand as it will spoil the surprise element. Race organisers Singapore GP also said pre-race tests here by the teams was unlikely.
Speaking at the official ceremony to mark the official completion of the Pit Building on Friday, Senior Minister of State (Trade and Industry) S Iswaran, said: “This is really something that is controlled by Formula One Management.
“They need to make sure there is a level playing field, because if one (team) get access, they all need to get access. So, we’ll leave it to them. It’s unlikely that the whole circuit can be tested, but if they want to do some technical testing in certain stretches I’m sure we can facilitate that.”
It is understood that officials from about four to five teams were in Singapore on Wednesday to inspect the circuit and pit building, and the feedback was positive.
Costing $40 million, the 350-metre long, three-storey Pit Building at Republic Boulevard has a total floor space of 23,000 square metres.
Its features include a paddock club — which will house seven clubs suites for 4,000 guests — 36 garages each measuring 25m by 6m, a winner’s podium, a 500-capacity media centre, a 200-capacity VVIP hospitality suite, hospitality rooms and a substation to power the facility.
The Pit Building also houses the race control room.
Outside the race control room is the Pit Lane and Pit Wall, where there is a fast lane (asphalt surface) with a speed limit of up to 100km/h, and a slow lane (concrete surface) for pit stops.
“The pit building will serve as the nerve centre for the F1 race,” said Iswaran.
“Part of any preparatory activity for the first F1 race included testing the lighting system in March and completing road works last month. It is all done to ensure we have a successful race and for Singaporeans and tourists alike to enjoy it.”
The final touches to the lighting system, constructed by Italian company Valerio Maioli Spa, are currently underway.
Up to 10,000 lamps, using a system that includes 1,503 projectors, over 134km of power and optic cables and 240 steel pylons, will help light up the circuit.
Said Maioli: “I am very confident to finish with the lighting before the end of August, especially as there is a fine of $100,000 a day (for every day we are late).
“So, it’s better to finish before!”


Layzze said...

Do you know is there a shop that sell AT&T Williams merchandise?

Bruno said...

If Iam not wrong - Paddock line in Viviocity should have it. Spain2dream pavillion.

Layzze said...

Thanks ya.. I'll go & check it out soon! I think William's merchandise may not be that common here as most of the fans are either a Ferrari, McLaren, BMW or Renault.