Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pit-Stop on Power' 98 FM - 23/08

Here is a podcast of an interview I did with Ken Delbridge from SPLiCE Studios / Content Creation Pte Ltd for Power 98 Fm Radio in Singapore. It has been aired on the 23rd August.

I had great fun in the studio. Although it was extremely difficult to be interviewed and trying to answer the questions while hearing yourself echoing through the headphones. It's a no wonder rock stars I've watched on the telly had their headphones around their neck or slightly off their ears. LOL. There I was listening intently to the questions... and then when I spoke - I could hear myself real loud in my head. LOL. Evidently, I guess Ken works magic on the whole affair and made me sound damn good.

Listen to the full interview here :

1st Part - Valencia GP Preview
2nd Part - The Interview p1
3rd Part - The Interview p2
4th Part - The Interview p3

Thank you to Ken for giving me the opportunity to showcase this Blog to POWER98 listeners.

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