Friday, September 26, 2008

Exclusive! First Day at the Track!

First Day at the track was in a word awesome! A full dress rehearsal for about 900 marshals, medics and training officials. Here are some photos from last night. Oh and during our last briefing at around 9 plus in the evening, I was distracted with the sight of several F1 drivers walking out of their garage together. There was Kubica, Bourdais, Rosberg, Kovaleinen ( I said a hello earlier in the day).. and... Raikonnen and Massa fooling around on bicycles. It was quite a sight. But as we were still being briefed, it wouldn't be proper for me to snap a pic of that moment. Anyway, the experience is thrilling. Have a great race weekend!

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Layzze said...

Wow it must had been a very memorable week end for you.