Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meeting Raikkonen, Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in 24 hours!

Photographer friend Terence with Alonso on Thurs 25th, my lucky cousin with Nico, Kimi at the Paragon and Hamilton upon arrival.

WOW! What can I say.... It is so very thrilling. My husband is busy attending to his call of duty at the tracks... so I am taking over the blog for the weekend. As jealous as I am with him being able to walk on the track itself, I assured myself that orange does not suit me.

Tuesday, I was bored with nothing much to do by noon time, so I called my cousin Mira and asked if she like to meet Nico Rosberg. She's been drooling over him since March this year. And so we went down to Millenia at 3pm! Yes! We took that long to get ready and we won't apologise for it. Armed with markers, videos and cameras we walked in Millenia and there he was... Nico Rosberg. We snapped some photos of him for 10 mins posing with fans. Sweet isn't he and so very patient. And then he was gone. With lady luck on our side, I spotted him "zooming" towards Cortina (fine watch dealer). Called out his name and he turned and smiled. (Now, I'm drooling! Sorry hun!) He was obliging when we asked for an autograph but the organizing "Iron lady no 1" said " NO! He can't!" and shoved him away. With like 10 people incl. us waiting for him to finish his interview with CNA Suzanne Ho, he emerged with a starbucks coffee in hand and again we asked him for an autograph and he said " Yes! What would you like me to write?" Sizzling thoughts aside, we pleasantly asked him to sign The Singapore Grand Prix book by Ian De Cotta. Then he willingly posed for a photo. And then he was whisked away again. I and some other fans were disappointed for he seemed willing to give us another minute for a photo opportunity. Why did they hold him by the arm? Nevermind. We are considered lucky in some ways.

Next stop. Hugo Boss Ngee Ann City. Inside story told us - Lewis Hamilton is scheduled to be around at 6.30pm. He turned up at 8pm. Now, I shall be frank and tell you I am not much of a fan of Lewis, so this trip was for my hunni bunni. I mentioned before, I admire his skills... but I am just not a fan of Lewis. I was a Mclaren fan for Kimi though... but GOD answered my prayers when Kimi signed with Scuderia Ferrari. Nevertheless, I made my way there and decided to shop for some clothes in Hugo Boss while waiting. Bruno made it in time. Made him changed into my newly purchased HUGO special collection tee. Had nice chats with Mediacorps camera men and some journalists. Lewis was fashionably late, looking dashing in his grey suit, warm smiles and waved for my video but then again an Iron Lady no 2 with her entourage of guards, ordered that "HER escalators are not to be be blocked!" Errr... Hello? There's only like 15- 20 fans around. There wasn't even a mob. He is not the President of the United States where death threats lingers.... We are motorsports fans. Its an opportunity! How often do you get to see an F1 driver up close? Loosen up you EVIL woman and your possessed men in black! Lewis was ushered directly into the 1st level shop to be interviewed by Patwan Singh from CNA before he reappears at the front of the shop. Do a little fancy touch screen Video/ Audio. Bruno was very overwhelmed with the sight of him, got himself a nice autograph on his McLaren Team Cap. And me, myself and I got him to sign my Grand Prix book. Whee!!!!!!!! I'm going bonkers with the thoughts that I could possibly get autographs from most F1 Drivers.... maybe then I can die happy. NOT! I was grinning from ear to ear, happy that I made my hunni trip into town worth the while. OOOh! EVIL woman stared so hard at me as if she wants to devour me..literally. Whatever... I got my autograph and journalists were flocking our way to interview us on our luck!

Wednesday, I could not get to Paragon cause my Beau-pere was arriving from France at 8. So I sacrificed myself to be at the airport while Bruno drives into town to get some videos and photos and autographs (if it was possible) with my other man ermmm Ice Man Kimi. Too bad the place was swarming with over 500 people at least. He did manage some photos and lots of videos for me. Attached are the pics we are lucky to get our hands on exclusively. I shall be more technical on my next blog. See you at the races / practice .

Gossip Girl a.k.a the Misus!

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