Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is Ecclestone "Medal System" workable

Ecclestone wants to scrap formula one points system

• Plan to award medals to just the first three drivers
• Aims to improve overtaking and eradicate tactical driving

Formula one president Bernie Ecclestone wants to scrap the sport's current points system and instead replace it with an Olympics-style medal scheme. Under the new proposal, the eventual world champion would be the driver who amassed the most gold medals.

Although the plan will not be presented to the motor sport's governing body, the FIA, until December, Ecclestone is convinced his idea - designed to increase overtaking as drivers go all out for victory - will find favour.
"Everybody is happy with the idea, they are all very supportive," he said. "I'm absolutely 100% sure it's the right way to go, it'll get them overtaking."
Under the proposed system, the first three drivers would be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal instead of the 10, eight and six points they are awarded now. Those finishing outside the top three would not be awarded points towards the drivers' championship but their positions would count in the overall rankings. The constructors' championship will be unaffected by the changes.
Had the planned system been in place this season, Lewis Hamilton would have been beaten into second place by Felipe Massa, whose victory in the Brazilian grand prix gave him six wins to Hamilton's five.
I personnaly think that this is total nonsense, what about the rest of the drivers out of the top 3 ?
What would they get for trying hard and finishing fourth - and overall season points...
Medals work for a one off event like Olympics etc... What about the EPL do you seriously think that they would work on medals too, Manchester "Gold", Chelsea "silver"...

And who is "Everybody" that is very happy with the idea ????? and what is wrong with "Tactical" driving ???
I foresee drivers going all out for the medals, resulting in more accidents and not more overtakings...

What do you think ? let me know, as I am once more baffled by Ecclestone judgement...

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F1Wolf said...

that "everybody" is interesting statement from Bernie :-) , beacuse only few days ago FOTA came with their in my opinion ridiculous idea on qualifying and proposed 1 point for the pole position. that means that the teams somehow expect the points to still count in the future ...

anyway, back to the point - those in 4th 5th 6th etc would stil score the points for the constructors championship. their finishing positions would also still determine their standings on the drivers championship. So someone regularly in 4th or 5th place would still finish rather high in drivers standings

I personally do like any idea that would motivate drivers to race for the win. The F1 title should go winners not to consistent drivers.

What I find ridiculous on this system is its medal name tag. They could simply give to drivers marks 1 to 8 and the one with most 1s would take the title.

For me the biggest negative of this system is that top teams would probably very early in the season set their number 1 and 2 drivers