Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where will Alonso be in 2011 ?

Fresh reports linking Renault driver Fernando Alonso with a move to Ferrari have surfaced.
Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the Spaniard has a secret deal with Ferrari, whereby he will drive for them in the 2011 season.
Following Kimi Raikkonen's disappointing 2008 season it is likely that Alonso will replace the Finn if the reports are true.
Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo was noncommittal, saying: "He's a fantastic driver, no question. I like him. Particularly in Japan he drove a great race. He's a champion and a team leader, but for the moment we don't have any problem with our current drivers.
"That is why we confirmed officially Massa and Kimi until the end of 2010. Life is long and in the future we will see. But for the moment we don't have any grey areas regarding drivers for the next two years."
And in another multitasking world we learn that Fernando Alonso has also inked an agreement with Spain's new formula one broadcaster from 2009.
La Sexta will next year take over from Telecinco in broadcasting the sport within Spain.
Alonso, 27, already had a preferential agreement with Telecinco, involving grid interviews and other special access to the former double world champion. The Spanish sports newspaper Marca reports that the La Sexta deal is for 6 million euros over the next five years, which is a slight increase in the Telecinco deal. Marca said the new contract was signed by Alonso a few weeks ago.
Michael Schumacher had a similar exclusive arrangement with the German broadcaster RTL.

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