Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BITE ME! I can be bitchy too !

Warning! : This has nothing to do with F1. I know!
Am I doing this on impulse? Perhaps so ... but I cannot hold back anymore. Generally I, the missus, is a nice, fun as well as an outgoing person. I also like to think that I can be generous most times. Today we had a customer, who can only collect her one tee shirt and cap after office hours. I shall christian ed her ALIAN. No pun intended. Trying to accommodate her, I told her to collect it at our home office and she wanted it fixed between 7.30pm to 8pm.

Just after 5pm, ALian called us almost at the last minute to say that she would be there at 7pm instead. Ms Alian, did it ever occur to you that we as a company has other chores to run? As long as you called, right ? We did say we'll try to be there by 7pm. At 6.25pm, she then called to say that she was at the door. And we were about 8km away, rushing there after an appointment. Ms ALIAN, we can't fly to you and traffic was expected to be heavy. It being after office hours. Did you even think that? She has the audacity to 'nag' that we were making her wait unnecessarily! She kept calling in between the journey home and I was getting rather irritated.

We reached at 6.50pm.. greeted her a warm hello and being professional apologised for making her wait (even though Ms Alian failed to see it wasn't totally our fault) and invited her in. She pulled the longest face I have ever seen, looked away and stood in silence. My god! DO Render me patience! After a little more of my gentle persuasion, she did stepped in only to stand between the gates and the front door at the same time saying she just wanna pick up her stuff and go. My cute, extremely gentle and curious house cat, welcomed her with a sniff. I then knew she was very unreasonable and a little senseless when she told me to "TELL" my cat to go away. It's a cat! It's her territory. You try talking to it, Genius...

'Meow' means hello!

With that note, and I guess it was the last straw, I lost my smile. Not only was she unreasonable, she was irritatingly irritating! I just do not like to be bullied into thinking I'm at fault when I clearly am not! Ms Alian , if you read this and I hope to God you would, pick up some lessons on being GRACIOUS! And learn to keep your appointment time! The world does not revolves around you! You were early! I AM on time! As petty as this may sound, I hope all of us pick up something positive from this episode. Service rendering is never an easy job when we all have such customers to tend to. It's a no wonder Singapore's service industry isn't First Class and the country still needs a COURTESY CAMPAIGN!

Being the nice people we are, while driving in the car, we decided to give her extra something for making her "wait". We still gave her that McLaren lanyard worth S$25 for free. Hmmm. Thank you for your patronage! Maybe not.


P.S - Did you know I won the most courteous student awards while in school 4 years in a row?

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whAt A LiFe said...

Kiasu Singaporean mah......

Ask her to go for some courtesy course. I think you shd have give her a nice piece of your mind.