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F1 2010 : The 3 New F1 Teams

Country: United StatesTeam principal: Ken Anderson
Team US F1 has been ahead of the game in promoting its ambitions, and already possesses the necessary technical facilities in the US. They are expected to employ American drivers, and may look to bring the glamorous and rapid female Indycar driver Danica Patrick into the global show.

US F1's team principal Ken Anderson’s experience include designing and constructing multiple Indy 500 and IndyCar Series-winning race cars, operating as technical director for the Ligier and Onyx Formula One teams and creating the advanced Windshear wind tunnel located close to the team’s base.
Fellow team director Peter Windsor has worked in F1 for over 35 years as a journalist, team manager and consultant.
US F1 has sound commercial logic behind it, and they talk a good game.
The new U.S.-based Formula One team due to debut next year is already assessing American drivers and will decide on them soon, co-founder Peter Windsor said on Friday.
"We've got a shortlist of drivers and we've already had the first of our week of evaluation of young Americans,"
"There are some very good young Americans out there, and we will be making a decision about that pretty soon.
"Before we did anything, we needed to get official entry from the FIA. We now have that and from now on it will be guns blazing."
Team U.S. F1 were one of three newcomers named by the International Automobile Federation in a controversial 2010 entry list and will be the only ones not based in Europe.
Windsor described Friday's formal announcement, the reward for years of preparatory work by him and partner Ken Anderson, as "a humbling moment."
"Our ambition is to first of all prove that we can design and build a car in the United States as distinct from Europe, which is the normal place to design and build cars, and be competing as an American team," he said.
The other aim, he added, was "for the team to be around for a long time."
They unveiled their project in February with the all-American team to be based in Charlotte, North Carolina - the heart of NASCAR country.
There are currently no American drivers in the sport and no North American races either, with Canada removed from this year's calendar after the departure of Indianapolis.
Drivers previously mentioned include second generation racers Graham Rahal, Conor Daly and Marco Andretti as well as NASCAR's Kyle Busch, former F1 racer Scott Speed and AJ Allmendinger.
The team has entered under regulations that offer an optional 40 million pound ($66.02 million) budget cap in exchange for greater technical freedom.
However eight of the existing 10 teams, including champions Ferrari, have refused to accept that and have threatened to leave unless the rules are rewritten.
"We were planning this team three or four years ago, long before budget caps and the recession and all this stuff was even thought about," said Windsor.
"We are just coming in to take our place, if you like, in the sport and where it falls is where it will go. But obviously we hope like everybody else that it will be one championship and we will be competing in that.
"We'll be racing next year, we've just got to get on," he added. "We've got a massive project and a massive job ahead of us and that's the challenge we face."

Country: SpainTeam principal: Adrian Campos
Adrian Campos was no great shakes as a Formula One driver, but helped to stir Spanish interest in the sport and has gone on to become a successful team owner in the lower levels of motor racing, winning titles in various championships from GP2 to Euro F3.
The Campos Grand Prix team will be run in conjunction with Meta Image, a Madrid-based sports agency which will have to raise the funds for racing. Team HQ, housing the marketing and administrative departments, will be in Madrid.
The technical centre will be based at Campos Racing's current base in Valencia, and the team will use chassis designed by Dallara, who have previous experience of Formula One design and have built many successful cars for junior categories.
Adrian Campos celebrated a "very special day" on Friday after his team was included on the entry list to compete in Formula 1 in 2010.
The Spaniard, a former grand prix driver, will run the Campos Meta 1 team alongside Jose Ramon Carabante.
The team will use a chassis designed by Italian constructor Dallara and Cosworth engines after securing a three-year deal with the company.
Campos said his goals for the first season would be modest.
"It's a very special day," Campos told a news conference in Madrid. "We will be on the grid with a lot of dignity.
"I have been in this sport for 30 year. It's basically what I have done my whole life. Six years ago we tried, but when I talked about it with Ecclestone he said 'rubbish'. However, now he has given me his full backing, and I want to thank him and Max Mosley."
He added: "I'm not thinking about winning races, but about being in the top ten to generate income. Now it's time to work hard and think about this prize that we have been given."

Country: United Kingdom Team principal: John Booth
Manor F1 brings together two of the most influential figures behind the scenes of British motor sport.
John Booth has been immensely successful in the junior categories, acting as talent-spotter, budget-finder and mentor to future F1 drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.
The cars will designed by Nick Wirth, whose previous foray into F1 with Simtek in the early 1990s drew praise for the lines of his cars but little success. Since then, though, Wirth has earned a solid reputation as an innovative designer and engineer.
The car is likely to be both good-looking and solid.

“Today is a proud moment in the history of Manor," said Booth, chairman of Manor F1 Team.
“Having competed successfully in other categories we now look forward to the challenges and opportunities presented in motor racing’s premier category.
“Nick Wirth brings the technical experience and flair that is required to be a serious contender in Formula One."
Founded in 1990 Manor said it was arguably one of the most successful teams in its class with over 170 race wins and 19 championship titles.
World champion, Lewis Hamilton and ex champion Kimi Raikkonen have both driven for the team.

The car will be penned by a design team headed by technical director Nick Wirth who won the 2004 and 2005 Indy Racing League drivers and engine manufacturer’s championships and subsequently produced the race-winning LMP 1 & LMP2 designs for Acura competing in the American Le Mans Series.
Wirth was also behind the failed 1990s Formula 1 team, Simtek.
"Formula One is the pinnacle of technical excellence and we look forward to producing technical innovation within a sensible budget," said Wirth.
“Our experience and commitment to racing meant that Formula One was the next logical step in our development.
“It was also logical for Wirth Research to partner with Manor Racing.
“Manor, like Wirth, have demonstrated success in various racing categories and together we look forward to competing in Formula One next year."
The team face a tough task to design a competitive car from scratch for the start of next year's championship in March 2010.

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