Monday, June 29, 2009

Marranello : Home of Ferrari

Maranello has been the iconic home to the Ferrari road and race headquarters for seven decades, ever since Enzo Ferrari, the founder and mentor of Ferrari S.p.A., moved his workshop from Modena to this small town in the foothills of the Italian Apennines in the early 1940s.
During that time, the factory has changed significantly to move with the times. Last year Ferrari continued to update the facilities with two buildings that completed their “Formula Uomo” development programme, continuing the transformation from an enchanting historic compound into a state-of-the-art technical facility.
The developments reflect Ferrari’s commitment to continual improvement, performance and cutting-edge technology. This aesthetic combination of old and new continues to advance technologically, with plans to create new energy generation plants which decrease the electricity taken from the public stream and reduce manufacturing emissions by 35 percent.
The strength of Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari was clearly demonstrated during this period of transformation. Today the Shell filling station takes pride of place near the ‘Logistica’ building. But perhaps more symbolically, Shell’s effect on Ferrari is seen all over the Maranello complex – from the Fiorano race track just next to Enzo Ferrari’s white house, to the uniforms of every Ferrari employee.
Maranello now welcomes visitors from across the globe and the Galleria Ferrari, a tribute to all things Ferrari, sits alongside the factory gates. Every year thousands of people from all over of the world visit Maranello and its Galleria, which displays Ferrari single-seaters, prototypes and Gran Turismo cars, together with trophies and memorabilia. Ferrari fans are invited to taste the charm and to feel the passionate atmosphere of this spot where myth and tradition meet dynamism and technology.
Beyond the factory gates, Ferrari spirit pervades through the surrounding area. The Ferrari logo can be spotted on most street corners as shops, bars and restaurants proudly display the Prancing Horse in support of the team. Streets are named after famous drivers. On days when the Formula One cars take to the team’s private test track – Fiorano – the engine noise carries across the rooftops.
Maranello, a small town in Italy, has become a huge tribute to the spirit of motor racing.

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