Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can Renault beat BMW this season ?

Renault technical director Bob Bell claims his team can bounce back enough to beat the BMW Sauber F1 team on several occasions before the end of this season, despite being consistently outperformed all year.

"The top two teams are clearly still a step ahead, and it will be difficult for anybody to race with them," Bell admitted. "Looking at BMW, they have taken a definite step forward in the last few races and they remain, at this stage of the year, quicker than us. Williams and Toyota have moved forward too. I think that it we continue to work well and to get the most from the car, then we are capable of beating BMW on a number of occasions before the end of the year. That remains our target."

"Our design and development resources are already focusing intently on 2008," he added. "We began work on the car early, and our approach has been quite different to recent years. First and foremost, we had to be certain that our development tools were working correctly. Once this was confirmed, we began putting a lot of energy into the design of the new car. The project is on time, and we have been exploring some very interesting new development paths."

Only the last few races will tell us who's wrong or right ! What's your take on it ?

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