Thursday, August 16, 2007


IS rising Formula One star Lewis Hamilton dating the boss' daughter behind his girlfriend's back?

The British tabloids raised a ruckus last week when Hamilton, 22, was spotted frolicking with a mystery brunette while holidaying in the south of France.

Now, the papers have identified the woman as Ms Sara Ojjeh.

She is the 18-year-old daughter of Saudi-born billionaire Mansour Ojjeh, who owns part of the McLaren Group and the racing team that Hamilton belongs to.

The Daily Mail reported that Ms Ojjeh has spent the last two weeks with Hamilton on the French Riviera on her father's 72m yacht, where the couple were seen canoodling.


This is despite the fact that his long-time girlfriend, Hong Kong-born Jodia Ma, had told the Sunday Mirror a few weeks ago that the two are still an item.

Sources say that Ms Ma, who has been with Hamilton for about four years, may be out of the picture for good.

'She's (Ms Ojjeh) perfect for Lewis. Sara always has a smile on her face and doesn't let anything get her down,' a source told the Sunday Mirror.

'She's lived and breathed motor racing. She's very bright, but loves to party.

'Her graduation day was followed by a wild night out in Geneva, posing in fun shots for friends' cameras,' the friend added.

Ms Ojjeh, who will soon begin a four-year degree at New York University, met Hamilton at a disco for drivers, teams, officials and VIP guests after he took second place at the Monaco grand prix.

While she is a relative unknown in the tabloids, she is no stranger to the world's celebrities, counting actors Jude Law and Michael Douglas as friends.

In fact, Douglas did the presentations when she graduated from the International School of Geneva in June.

The news of Hamilton's new fling has further fuelled rumours that he and Ms Ma have been on the outs for some time.

Ms Ma, whose father is a millionaire Hong Kong businessman, met the racing star seven years ago while studying at the Cambridge Arts and Science College.

Friends had long speculated that their relationship was in trouble, especially when she returned to Hong Kong in January this year for a new job.

Her colleagues said she seemed reluctant to talk to them about her boyfriend.

Then in March, Hamilton flew to Hong Kong for a reunion and the couple holidayed in Bali.

And as late as June, Hamilton was proudly telling friends he had ordered a £10,000 ($30,000) diamond bracelet for Ms Ma from jeweller Steinmetz, which sponsors his racing team.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror last moth, Ms Ma said that the two were still going strong. and that she would fly to support him at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

She also flew almost 10,000km to be at his side after he emerged unscathed from a terrifying 175mph crash during practice in Germany.


But when Hamilton took to the winners podium at the Hungary race two weeks ago, Ms Ma was nowhere to be seen.

And last week, his PR team claimed that his relationship with Ms Ma had been over for some time.

Colleagues of Ms Ma at Zuma, the trendy restaurant where she works as a guest reception manager, said she has been 'inconsolable' over his new love interest.

The Sunday Mail reported that those close to Hamilton said that they weren't surprised that he had decided to dump Ms Ma for more glamorous company because of his newfound fame and wealth.

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