Thursday, January 24, 2008

F1Singapore Poll

Following up on the poll I left a few weeks ago...
Well oh Well, It seems Kimi Raikkonen is on the roll here, suddently he's quite far ahead of Lewis Hamilton ! with only 12 votes cast so far Kimi has taken the lead with 7 votes, Lewis 3 and Fernando 2.
Keep voting.

Oh and by the way is anybody going to central Mall ( Singapore)?
the next few days for the F1 roadshow. If yes do let me know and we might be able to meet-up. Let's snap a few pics and post it for all to see.

Thanks to all the F1 fans
visitors to my blog, over 25 countries so far... I would have never thought it could be so varied, so keep coming for the latest SingaporeF1 news and leave me your comments.

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