Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wholesale Formula1 Merchandise in Singapore

It's been quite some time since the idea of bringing F1 merchandise to Singapore has been running at the back of my head, and after many hours, days, of brainstorming I managed to put ideas in practise and decided to register a company in Singapore specialiszing in Wholesale Formula 1 Merchandise.
It's called " 1st Formula 1 " I have put up a website to showcase the range of Products available and plan for the near future to have even more lines available. I currently carry Michael Scumacher Signature Series, Renault F1 Team Apparels, McLaren Accesories and shirts, and more to follow soon. The response have been slow so far but talking to a good friend today I somehow overlooked something very important. Chinese New Year . As we all know it's just about 2 weeks away from this festival and my friend told me " Everybody is busy for CNY with Hampers and stuff " no time for anything else. So i'll use the next few weeks to improve my website, sort out the range of Merchandise and increase my contact list !
It seems companies haven't quite grasped the huge impact this Singtel Grand Prix will have in Singapore, I mean it's a huge event for a small country like Singapore. I do hope people are gonna realise this soon enough and get on the train...In the meantime should anyone read this post and finds that there is a potential for something big in it, just let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP. ( Overseas orders are also welcome)

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