Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some News on those S$168 Walkabout tickets

WHEN tickets for the inaugural SingTel Singapore Grand Prix first went on sale last month, there was some concern over whether the lowest-priced of the lot, the $168 Walkabout
three-day passes, would give buyers good views of the race.

But as it turns out, not only were those fears unfounded, Formula 1 fans can get some
of the best views of the race by venturing around the circuit.
TODAY took a guided tour with organisers Singapore GP to scout the viewing areas available
to Walkabout pass holders.
The areas range from behind the Paddock and next to the Singapore Flyer to the huge
open spaces along Raffles Avenue and in front of Victoria Memorial Hall, as well as at Esplanade
Access to these Walkabout areas is through underpasses and temporary overhead
bridges that will be built to FIA specifications, and several buildings around the circuit.
Of the several areas for Walkabout ticket holders to watch the race from, Singapore
circuit park manager Alastair Hunt recommended six vantage points.
“We have been working right from the beginning to make sure that everyone who
buys a ticket to the Singapore Grand Prix, regardless of how much they paid for it, get a great experience and leaves the race very
satisfied,” said Hunt.
“The Walkabout passes are pretty unique because holders of these passes get to move
from one area to another, and we made sure before releasing the tickets that they were going
to get a good close up view of the racing.”
Hunt said that bleachers, multiple raised platforms, would also be placed around the walkabout areas to give spectators an unobstructed view of the race.
Areas along Raffles Avenue in front of Mandarin Oriental, the Esplanade Park and in front
of the Victoria Memorial Hall are big open spaces that would e conducive to large gatherings
and a party atmosphere. Hunt said that food and beverage points, and stalls selling a range of merchandise, will be placed around the circuit, especially at the Esplanade Park.
“All these have been planned and are being worked out. But the whole idea is to give everyone a great day in the park,” he said. “And I think those with Walkabout passes can have a
lot more fun doing this, moving from one point to another with a drink in one hand, a roasted
masala chicken or candy floss in the other, and catching some great racing from different
perspectives at the same time.”
But not all areas in the park, especially much of the length along Raffles Boulevard,
will be accessible to ticket holders due to technical and safety reasons.
Said Hunt: “We have to place crash barriers along the entire length of the circuit to
protect spectators. And in some of these areas the space left is impossible to accommodate anyone except the race marshals or essential equipment like recovery vehicles.”

Singapore GP said last week that one-day Walkabout passes will be made available before
the end of this month.

Extract from TODAY paper, by Ian da Cotta

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