Friday, August 1, 2008

Singapore Volunteer Marshalls - A view from the inside-

For all of those interested in Formula 1, what could be better than to know what is actually going on behind the scenes as Singapore Marshall Volunteers prepare for what is going to be the most watched Race of the Year. 1000's of Volunteers from around Asia and the world have been lugging it out in classrooms, on track ( Australia for the Seniors..) for the past few months to prepare for this unique event.

being one of the lucky guy ( and gals too.) to have been selected as Support Paddock Marshall, I bring you an insight of what it's like for us to be involved in the 2008 Singtel Singapore F1 Grand Prix through our newsletter.

thank you to Gabriel for putting up this interesting piece of news on top of an already eclectic schedule.

You can view it here : Off Track Newsletter

I'll be back soon with more "News from the Inside" so bookmark this blog and come back as often as you can.

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